Study Notes (1)

X-ray Threat Identification Assessment for the TSA Computer-Based Testing

It is important for individuals preparing for the TSA CBT to be familiar with the five to six image categories, which contain many commonplace or dangerous objects that could be modified for malicious use. When assessing Xray images, a range of elements should be taken into consideration such as the angle, color, shape, or other characteristics responsible for the object‘s look. We are here to help you learn about them.


Various perspectives or angles can be used to observe each thing. Identifying objects from some perspectives, such those from the front, is simple, but doing so can be challenging.


Terrorists can employ weapons made of materials different from the original ones, which makes them much more difficult to identify by screening. This allows them to utilize prohibited goods that are inedible when passing through X-ray machines.


Particularly if they are items that you do not frequently encounter in your daily life, some objects may take on various shapes that make them difficult to identify.

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